Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gluten-free Bday

Last week we had our wonderful midterms. This consisted of 4 half days with about 2 tests per day. Most of the week and the majority ofthe week before was spent studying for these tests. That said, I did not get a ton of work done on my book.
I'm still continuing to do research for my second part and finalize my first part. This week will be fun though because my birthday is on Saturday! We will of course be having cake and cupcakes and they will all be gluten free! Throughout the course of the year my mom and grandma will make gluten free cake, cookies and brownies. These are always very good, but I thought I'd give the pros a shot at it this time.

The cupcakes we ordered are from a bakery called Georgetown Cupcakes. They are based out of D.C. and have a show on TLC. They started carrying gluten free cupcakes a few years back and now have 4 or 5 flavors to choose from. Of course we got a few of each! I'm hoping they turn out really well and i'm excited to try them!

The cake we're getting is from a bakery a little closer to home. Sweet Littlt Sheila's in the village has recently started baking gluten free cakes. I've never had any sort of cake from them but hopefully it will be super good!

I can't wait to try it all and see how the whole gluten free birthday thing goes!

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  1. Hi Elise! My name is Jessica, and I am a graduate student at USJ in Connecticut. I am also a 4th grade teacher. I'm going to be following your blog as it is part of one of my assignments for my graduate class. I chose your blog because I am interested in your topic. My sister had to eat gluten-free foods at one point in her life, so I know a little about it, but I am excited to learn more!

    I can't wait to hear about the Georgetown Cupcakes! I've watched the show before and they look amazing! Have a nice birthday!